NaaN Hang

Friday 10 – 11h

Musician based in Barcelona. Student and lover of many tribal and sacred rhythms from ancient parts of the world. Contributing to the scenes with mixes and with own musical creations. Involved in playing music whether playing instrumental or from dj-decks, performing around the world from chillout to psytrance, from autoproductions to live band exhibitions. 
Mixed style of tribal rhythms and organic tunes, ethnic instruments and cutting edge synthesizers. Deep full basses. Enjoyment and Love. For the Music. Ancient Tribal journey from the future…and from the heart!
Hang concert performer. Opening and Closing the Dancefloor, mixing abilities in different combinations.

NaaN played out at various international psychedelic festivals including MODEM (Croatia), Shankra Festival and Sunner Never Ends (Switzerland), Own Spirit Festival (Spain), Triplicity Festival (UK) and Anthropos Festival (UK), Blackmoon (Italy), Sonica (Italy), 7 Chakras (Italy) and Atman Festival (Sri Lanka), but also in many other festivals and events across UK, Italy, Spain, India and so on…

Been part of Malatucada, a batucada street band, Pendola Ensemble, a percussion based street band and FlagFire, a juggling company. Involved in Urban Shaman Movement, a collective of artists performing shamanic drumming, singing and playing for shamanic trance dance. Half of a duo-project with Heidi Joubert called “HangBox”. Didjeridoo enthusiast.

Tropical Mystic

Friday 10 – 13:00h

Tropical Mystic is a musical project that arises from the vital need to share everything discovered in more than ten years of travels and experiences around the world.

Her training began as a dancer of urban and African dances. On one of her trips she discovered me fusing dance with percussion and that is how she started to form part of different companies as a multidisciplinary artist.

That’s why she fuses with artists in her sessions. She collaborates with percussionists to share rhythmic musical moments, bringing live music to the show.

As a dj, she is passionate about playing with sound, melodies, rhythms, tempos and musical diversity.

She loves to generate energy, to vibrate with the audience and to share spaces of connection.

Pure dance, pure enjoyment.

Bass music, New wave, Afro beats, Tribal, Tropical music, Reggae/dub, Caribbean, World music

She loves art and that’s what she’s here to share!

Toxic in Dub

Friday 10 – 15:00h

Toxic In Dub. Xavier Jansana born in Barcelona, develops his passion for electronic music since 1996. In 2012 he starts the record label “Nutek Chill Records” exercising the A&R works of the label. He is also producer and composer in the band Green Beats, with Victor Solsona, with great international repercussion within the European alternative scene. Toxic In Dub’s sets are characterized by the variety of styles in a positive atmosphere, and with his outstanding and characteristic dub sounds. He has been booked as an artist in the best events and festivals of the national and international psychedelic scene. Already being an important part of these events, in countries such as Spain, Portugal, France, Holland, Poland, Russia, Greece, Hungary etc.

Gluu (Live set)

Friday 10 – 17,00h

Lorenzo Mena a.k.a GLUU is a percussionist, DJ and producer based in Berlin. He started his career as a drummer in multiple bands in the underground circuit of Madrid.

Later he focused on his career as a performer and producer of his own music.

The GLUU project was born conceptually in Lille, France, and is currently growing and evolving in Berlin, inspired by the energy and creativity of this city.

Always in constant search of new sounds in all kinds of objects and elements that are not normally musical instruments to mix and fuse them with the electronics of drum machines and synthesizers.

Jhana Beat

Friday 10 – 18,30h

“An explosion of live musical experiments by the beatboxer, guitarist and composer Jhana Beat (Hanna Borja Fdez). She is a singer, beatboxer, guitarist, composer and producer. The musical bet of Jhana Beat is a sonorous explosion of creative energy, original with a unique style and personality. “Electrorganic sound” is the name with which she defines her music. Her show is influenced by different musical styles like soul, rock, funky or reggae and more electronic styles like techno, drum&bass, house…. In his concerts he mixes in a natural way these genres and manages to extrapolate styles in unexpected places, surprising in each song. Using a loop station she records beatbox bases, vocals, guitar and electronics, mixing everything in real time, while making an impact with her powerful and particular voice. An artist who produces and assembles her songs live. Jhana is a true XXI century orchestra woman. A brilliant performer capable of synchronizing with any audience, even with such an experimental proposal.”



DJ Cucumba

Saturday 11 – 11,00h

Cucumba is the alter ego of a well-known DJ in Spain, the most “latin and danceable” version of his long career, where he focuses on alternative and energetic sounds ranging from cumbia, swing or Balkan music with electronic touches. Entertaining and upbeat sessions where it will be impossible to stay still.

Little Dhar

Saturday 11 – 12,30h

Little Dhar “SuperSmoker Session”.

Dj from the south of Madrid who began his musical adventure around 2002, being an active part of several collectives such as Kachafayah , Móstoles Playerz or SuperSmoker.

In all these years of career he has remained rabidly up to date, his sessions range from Reggae, Soul, Afrobeat to Hip Hop, cumbia etc..

As a Dj he has toured the country many times over the years and his work is reflected in the Mixtapes that he releases periodically and that you can listen to freely.

Barbass Sound

Saturday11 – 14,00h

Barbass Sound is a group of DJs and producers that was born in the early 2000s and that come from the Andalusian hip-hop culture of the ’90s. Currently active, it’s one of the most veteran “Sound” and with more jobs behind of the national panorama within the Reggae scene, with approximately 40,000 faithful followers among all its social media..

Currently “Barbass” is formed by JOwEN Selektah, djKaderas and shico dieciocho, being active for live shows “djKaderas and shico dieciocho”, while “JOwEN Selektah” is working exclusively in production work.

In these 20 years of hard work in studio between Barbass Sound and the individual works of each members, they have published more than 25 Mixtapes, recorded and edited more than 150 exclusive dubplates of international (mostly Jamaican) and national artists. They are considered pioneers in the production of national “dubplates” (versions of songs that become exclusive when the singer varies the lyrics for the Sound), with these dubplates, they have been presented to several dj competitions called “Soundclash” and came out winners in the I Bilbao Soundclash 2008, II Al-Andalus 2009 and I Soundclash in Tijuana, Mexico 2010.

Live, and during that same time, they have not stopped taking their music practically to every corner of the entire state territory in uncountable bars, squares, clubs, halls, venues and festivals .. With presence also in different countries such as Holland, Kingdom United, Italy, Portugal and Mexico, “Barbass” also worked on their shows and shared a poster with the most important artists of this country and other great international artists, within Reggae and Rap.

His “sessions” are a combination of Reggae and Rap, knowing how to play his music through vinyl records or digital controllers, always in a mixed session, so that he ends up playing in a linear way, accompanying the show with all the energy from the microphone to offer the best possible show at each event or party.

Morgana Souljah

Saturday 11 – 15,30h

Morgana Souljah, musician based in Gredos and of Basque origin, stands out for her facets as a selectress, instrumentalist and vocalist. 

Influenced since she was a child by Afro-Caribbean rhythms and focused on reggae/dub music since 2015.

Active selector, she participates and collaborates in different events and with various collectives of the national sound system scene, as well as in festivals such as International Dub Gathering in its last edition.

A staunch lover of Roots & Culture and Sound System, her activity is currently focused on recording vocals and melodies in the studio, creating references both on vinyl and digital in collaboration with powerful producers of the genre such as Kai Dub, Stepwizer or Albert Ites.

At the same time, she promotes Reggae culture in Ávila through the already consolidated Cherry Dub collective, which has been active for almost 10 years.

Las Hijas de la Cumbia

Saturday 11 –   17,00h

Las Hijas de la Cumbia began in 2012 to feed the souls of their followers with the joy and power of cumbia. Their sessions are a journey through Latin America, through its culture, through mother earth, through the native peoples, but above all a journey through the spirit of cumbia, its origins and its rhythms, making it the ritual basis of their parties and celebrations.

Colombian cumbia, dub cumbia, electrocumbia, cumbia villera, cumbia chicha come together in a sound and visual experience that resists the passage of time with rebellious dances and reinvents itself continuously, just like las Hijas de la Cumbia.

Dub Engine

Saturday 11 – 19,00h

DUB ENGINE is a live and studio project created in 2009 by musicians Tux (dubmaster, fx) and Sabry (vocals, synth) from Bologna (ITA). Ruff bass, acid upbeat synths, infinite delays and tons of wobbles are the trademark of Engine’s sound, part of that new generation of dub coloured by various music genres: from roots-reggae to its electronic descendants like stepper, jungle and dubstep. 

Deeply influenced by UK & French new millennium dub era, they started to evolve their live style towards a new “psycho-steppa” way, an original dub musical expression where voices, effects and basslines explode in an intense high-impact psychedelic sound. 

They’ve shared the stage with international dub artists like Zion Train, OBF, Alpha & Omega, Mad Professor, Martin Campbell, Jahtari, spreading their vibes in most of the festivals/clubs in Italy and Europe.

Eklipsy Lights

Saturday 11 – 19,00h

Eklipsy Lights is a project born from an illusion and passion for art and music. The union of the team and the sounds are the basis to create and transmit through different elements and led juggling, a show full of magic, light and color!

The essence of Eklipsy Lights is to create choreographies, interpret and flow with the music of different artists who support the project, forming a bilateral interdisciplinary union, thus presenting in each event an exclusive show. They have already shown their live show together with producers Juno Reactor & Amir El Guitar, Talamasca and Cels Mimesis, their respective tracks.

Their first shows took place in 2020 in the Wolf room in Barcelona, thanks to the events that Mimesis Club organized monthly, and from 2021 new ledshows emerged (Holografic Gathering, Simbiruta…) and currently, thanks to Bassground events they offer their shows again in mythical rooms such as Upload and Apolo in Barcelona.

In the summer of 2022 they expanded their show outside Barcelona, to be part of the great event Katarsis, which took place in the renowned Sala Riviera in Madrid. And they ended the year on the main stage of Bioritme Festival with Djane Kënda.

Currently, the team is working on new choreographies for this new year 2023 in events already confirmed between festivals, concerts… that will take place in different regions.


Laia Selectora

Sunday 12 – 11,00h

Laia Selectora has been a music activist for 15 years.

 In 2010 she joined the radio program Sound System FM (broadcast from 1989 to 2019) and where she was in charge of the section of the national scene (Collita Pròpia) and production.

During her career she has collaborated in several collectives such as Amazon Soud Sisters, Roots Unity Project and has devised feminist collectives at the state level such as What About The Half.

During 2015 she projected and formed the Purple Rockets collective to bring visibility, build relationships, create equality and cohesion between genders, entirely with female members and dissident entities.

In 2017, Goldsmith’s University, London invited her to showcase her career at the international conferences on sound system culture, Only Vinyl.

In 2021 she started the publication of SKA MAGO, a print magazine dedicated to the ’60s and ’70s of Jamaican music where she develops as editor and photographer.

Recently she collaborates with the Lioness Order BCN project.



Sunday 12 – 12,15h.

Member of @iberianjuke and co-founder of the extinct Costa Brava Reggae Fest, DaddyPanda has more than 15 years of experience as a selector and brings us a cocktail of rhythms and styles, ranging from the first music of the African continent to the futuristic rhythms of the most current electronic avant-garde, through any sound related to Jazz, Hip Hop or Bass heritage of Jamaican culture, without leaving aside the Latin and tropical rhythms…

Links to podcasts and mixes:

420 Backyard Battle

Synday 12 – 14,00h.

Third edition of the International final of the championship of freestyle rap battles, with a cannabis theme, organized by 420 Backyard. Eight outstanding representatives of different nationalities (Spain, Mexico, Argentina, United States), will face each other, to get the prized first prize.

High-flying improvisation and creativity in its purest form. Instant and precise rhymes, full of double meanings and humor, related to cannabis culture and hip hop rhythm. A show x5 haze, which has already filled our patio twice and that you should not miss.

You can see the final of last year’s edition at this link:

Pulmón BeatBox

Sunday 12 – 16,00h.

Currently, Pulmón Beatbox is one of Spain’s topbeatboxers. He managed to move ten thousand people at Viñarock festival with his voice alone. This all-terrain artist not only performs acapella: with the help of loops and effects he can transform his voice into electro-organic songs that come straight out of his imagination.

His shows are an explosive mix of music and performance that make any stage explode.

Thanks to this, he has received several awards and has collected a long list of performances in Spain, France, Mexico, Algeria, Russia, Italy, Germany and Holland. He is currently working with Rapsusklei and Kundala.


Top 8 World Loopstation – Beatbox Battle World Champs 2018

Winner of the Lormont Beatbox Battle 2018

Spanish Beatbox Champion of Spain 2017 loopstation category

Showman Award of the Spanish Beatbox Battle 2017 

Best Tour of 2017 – Origami Tour Rapsusklei

Winner of the Boss Loop Contest Iberica 2011


Sunday 12 – 17,30h

Karlixx is one of the most recognized dj’s / producers within the Spanish junglist scene. It became known in 2004, when the first vinyls of reggae and drum & bass fell into his hands. He began to create an innovative style of Dj, based on the combination of dubwise and neurofunk sounds. He has been a resident for two years in The Bus sessions in Razzmatazz and is currently working as a weekly resident in the legendary Canibal Sound System sessions in the Apollo Hall of Barcelona, his hometown. Their sets are a joy for the ears from the first to the last minute, always loaded with the most danceable rhythms and the most positive messages. Undoubtedly, Karlixx is one of the numbah one deejays in this drum’n’bass and jungle nationwide. Little more we will say of this junglist that has played with the best and in the most important clubs and festivals of the peninsula.

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Sharin Skank

Sunday 12 – 18,30h

Sharin Skank is a music lover based in La Floresta (Barcelona). She likes to embrace different musical styles, focusing especially on very electronic and tribal rhythms, including reggae, stepper, among others.  

Passionate about powerful bases, she shapes in her sessions strong rhythms with a very special message and energy.  She also has some exclusive productions of international singers and producers. 


Sunday 12 – 19,30h

Like every edition, Spannabis closes its doors with the awards ceremony: Spannabis Awards 2023. A contest where the exhibiting companies have presented their most innovative products, voted by hundreds of professionals during the trade show. Come and find out about the most outstanding and award-winning novelties of the moment!

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