Shakti Alliance

Friday 11 – 12,30h

The multiplicity of records that make up his musical collection offers infinite possibilities when it comes to setting up his sets, always eclectic and in search of involvement and depth in the dance. She usually begins her sessions from the warmth and slowness, to be ascending to darker rhythms and latencies.

T_Modet, aka Lydia González, created a very important linkage with music through sounds from around the world and its most primary origins, thanks to great trips she has made during her life from an early age. Throughout his childhood in Seville she was heavily soaked in genres such as flamenco, rock, folk, new wave and the rich world of soundtracks. Later, during her adolescence, she would explore other sound territories, entering new electrified worlds such as tech break, the old school and the breakbeat.

She is currently a visible figure in many national spaces and locals of Barcelona. We can see her repeatedly in the Laut room, where she lets go of its most acidic and dancefloor facet, and in several festivals such as Mira Festival, Primavera Sound, Brunch In, SoundEat, etc., either alone or with Shakti Alliance, a shared project with Vir. In her most experimental facet, she has teamed up with Ylia to create Peneda Gerès, a private listening club. Her program on, Circle of Borneo, is a monthly newspaper where she shares her musical discoveries with listeners.

Lately, in addition to those already mentioned, we have been able to listen to her sets at La Casa Encendida, Ithaka Festival, Garage 442, Embassa’t, Sala Art, Switch Club, Freedonia, Casa Bonay, Curtis Audiophile Cafe, MACBA, Soho House, Hangar, Can Felipa, Arts Santa Monica, etc. She has also collaborated with various radios, such as Radio Relativa (Madrid), Lie Radio (Sevilla), The New Wrong Order (Copenhagen), Gladys Palmera (Barcelona), Betevé Radio Africa (Barcelona). Internationally, her most relevant events have been in Berlin, Paris, Düsseldorf, Las Vegas …

Golfo de Guinea

Friday 11 – 14,00h

Golfo de Guinea is a DJ, collector, renowned researcher and traveler in search of sounds across the African and American continent. A great connoisseur of tropical black rhythms, his sessions create musical connections between the two sides of the Atlantic.

His name comes from the years he spend in Equatorial Guinea where he mounted reggae bands, was a chorus of the African Music Master Baltasar Nsue (Bessoso) and assistant director in the theater company of the Spanish Cultural Center of Bata (Equatorial Guinea).

 In Barcelona, the last 8 years, he has combined the sessions on vinyl, on the one hand, with the Sound systems with live musicians, on the other. It is worth noting the projects “Recolectors” and “The Smoothers” with renowned musicians such as Brazilian Wagner Pa, Maxwell Moya (“Ojos de Brujo”) and Cuban trumpeter Carlos Sarduy.

He is a resident DJ at Metric Market and Palo Alto Market, collaborator of the Barcelona City Records online store and a regular at the “Guzzo” and “Café Royale booths.

Last tropical selections:

Soukous & Champeta  

Salsa pa’l bailador

Barbass Sound

Friday 11 – 16,00h

Barbass Sound is a group of DJs and producers that was born in the early 2000s and that come from the Andalusian hip-hop culture of the ’90s. Currently active, it’s one of the most veteran “Sound” and with more jobs behind of the national panorama within the Reggae scene, with approximately 40,000 faithful followers among all its social media..

Currently “Barbass” is formed by JOwEN Selektah, djKaderas and shico dieciocho, being active for live shows “djKaderas and shico dieciocho”, while “JOwEN Selektah” is working exclusively in production work.

In these 20 years of hard work in studio between Barbass Sound and the individual works of each members, they have published more than 25 Mixtapes, recorded and edited more than 150 exclusive dubplates of international (mostly Jamaican) and national artists. They are considered pioneers in the production of national “dubplates” (versions of songs that become exclusive when the singer varies the lyrics for the Sound), with these dubplates, they have been presented to several dj competitions called “Soundclash” and came out winners in the I Bilbao Soundclash 2008, II Al-Andalus 2009 and I Soundclash in Tijuana, Mexico 2010.

 Live, and during that same time, they have not stopped taking their music practically to every corner of the entire state territory in uncountable bars, squares, clubs, halls, venues and festivals .. With presence also in different countries such as Holland, Kingdom United, Italy, Portugal and Mexico, “Barbass” also worked on their shows and shared a poster with the most important artists of this country and other great international artists, within Reggae and Rap.

His “sessions” are a combination of Reggae and Rap, knowing how to play his music through vinyl records or digital controllers, always in a mixed session, so that he ends up playing in a linear way, accompanying the show with all the energy from the microphone to offer the best possible show at each event or party.

Dub Traveller

Friday 11 – 18,30h

DUB TRAVELLER is a traveller. He draws his inspiration from sounds coming from the roots by proposing a style all his own which he calls: “TRANCE N DUB”.

A rich and powerful music which makes the junction between the force of the Uk dub stepper and the natural energy of the trance.

He takes us on a journey of piercing fujara flutes, percussions from all over the world and wide basses which live, explode and breathe the new air of dub.

DUB TRAVELER offers on 04/24/2019 a first E.P entitled “EXIL VOL.1” which will have the chance to attract the attention of the legendary label “Culture Dub” which decides to promote it when it is released.

It was after a tour of more than 40 concerts that he decided to officially launch the project outside France with this superb series “EXIL 1 & 2”.

Tireless and so inspired, he also offers several singles and announces a series of live videos that are sure to make an impression.

The coming months will also be accompanied by the release of a very first album to come in early 2022 in collaboration with leading dub artists including Tetra Hydro K in the mix, Lxir in mastering, but also  with the pioneers Ashkabad, BakU and Jael …

And it is after having walked the stages of the No Logo, the Bougnat Sound festival and the Arverne, the Dub A Mine via the CCO Villeurbanne that you will be able to discover or rediscover the powerful DUB TRAVELLER project on tour throughout France and even all over the world.


Sharin Skank

Saturady 12 – 11,00h

German Reggae-Dub selector, based in La Floresta – Barcelona. She has been part of different musical groups and now alone her selection focuses on ReggaeDigital and Dub-Steppa styles. She has shared the stage with several relevant artists such as Bigga Ranx, Dub Engine, Mahom, Tetra Hydro K, Chalart 58, Roots Raid, High Tone … and has also performed at several festivals known as No Logo Festival, Bioritme, Zion Yard Reggae Festival, Spannabis , etc. Her session is usually very energetic, rough and lively.

Purple Rockets

Saturday 12 – 12,30h

A project to promote the feminine genre through Jamaican root music.

Purple Rockets is an artistic collective whose purpose is to spread the music of Jamaican roots, by means of selections in vinyl and live voices.

Reggae is a music of solidarity and combative root, in their letters we find a message of love, respect, trust, unity and equality. These ideals form the basis of the collective, Purple Rockets believe in the need to incorporate them into their work and transmit them to society.

In their short existence they have been able to share sessions in festivals such as Rototom Sunsplash, International Dub Gathering, Poblenou goes reggae, etc. And with renowned artists like Aba Shanti I, Sista Nancy, Vibronics, Bomb Bass Hi Fi, Arise Sound System, Badalonians Sound, Rebelmadiaq Sound System, Dub Soul Sound System and many other great companies.


Paula Bu

Saturday 12 – 14,00h.

Paula Bu. Vocalist and lyricist. Barcelona. She began his vocal career when she was very young and through the Gospel. Strongly influenced by Soul and R&B, it brings a powerful and elegant touch to the rhythmic patterns typical of Jamaican music and Hip Hop. No matter the style or format: on vinyl or digital, in acoustic or with The Same Song Band, and sharpening the microphones of the best sound systems and stages of the scene.


Women Soldier w/ Awa Fall, Matah, Belén Natalí & High Paw feat Chalart58

Saturday 12 –   16,30h

The name of the project comes from the song that Belén Natalí and Chalart58 called “Woman Soldier” made in early 2017. Thanks to Dub Academy, a group of girls met to perform at Rototom 2017 and at International Dub Gathering 2018. There appeared the idea of making an LP with some of them together. They are Awa Fall, Matah, Belén Natalí & High Paw, the album has been produced and mixed by Chalart58, it was published on vinyl and digital by La Panchita Records at the end of 2018

On stage, they are pure energy, where they make all possible combinations between them, the result is a powerful mix of reggae and sound system style that goes from the roots, through the Rub to Dub and reaching the UK Dub style.

Multi link to all platforms  




Saturday 12 – 19,00h

Kandee offers a stepper dub built for soundsystem and draws his inspiration from Iration Steppas to Mahom, Panda, Miniman, Full dub or ODG.

Kandee, young artist dub Nantes, starts music at 13 and produced his first drum’n’bass composition at 17 years. He then discovers Soundsystem culture and slides to dub production with its Kandee project.

He is eager to come play is live on your gigs so do not hesitate !


Full Spectrum Selectors

Sunday 13 – 11,00h.

Costa Brava natives and co-founders of the former COSTA BRAVA REGGAE FEST, @gerardkota and @ daddypanda.r are two lovers of tropical rhythms and black music who for years had in mind to gather their particular musical collections and make a project in common … Finally they have done it, presenting in community @fullspectrumselectors. 

Sessions mainly in vinyl, although they do not rule out other formats, where you can enjoy a musical trip that can travel places like Jamaica, Brazil, Cuba … Making a stop to the continent of Africa or through the United States or Barcelona and the Mediterranean. 

There you will find a lot of musical genres, from Reggae, Dancehall and Hip hop traveling through Jazz, Soul and Funk to end in more Tropical rhythms such as Bossanova and Brazilian music, Afrobeats, Salsa, Boogaloo … Up to electronic music and contemporary. Its area of ​​action are the most select clubs and cannabis events in Barcelona and its surroundings, bringing the best vibes to places like Dr. Dou, Temple Organic, San Luis Garden, Concrete Jungle Carnival … or a session recorded live by The Purple Room Radio that you can find on VIMEO. A colorful DJ set where the quality of the musical selection is its greatest exponent.

Afrikan Warriors

Sunday 13 – 12,30h

Afrikan Warriors (Girona, 2013) was born with the purpose of promoting Rastafari culture through its music. With a claiming message of justice, freedom and equality for everyone. Founded by Ganjaman Fyah, Puppa Hifa, King Jawo & B Lion. With a tribal style, of warriors, with productions dominated by African timbres. Epic melodies and hope, with a staging full of energy and positivity. A dynamic show with the collaboration of singers such as: Nyah Flama, Joan Love … The productions are in the style of “UK Dub”, which is the main influence of the collective. Steppers! … So you can’t stop dancing and even more if it’s with their own speaker system, aka. soundsystem (Afrikan Warriors Soundsystem).






420 Backyard Battle

Sunday 13 – 14,30h

Final of the 420 Backyard Battle Spannabis. International freestyle rap championship with a cannabis theme, which has held qualifying battles in Los Cabos (MX) Madrid, Alicante and Barcelona.

Eight freestylers of four different nationalities will compete to be the winner of the second edition of the most cannabis-themed battles on the planet. Rap, improvisation, flow, staging, wit, humor and high doses of creativity X5 Haze, from the hand of 420 Backyard Battle, the competition that has triumphed in the most important national and international fairs and festivals: Primavera Trompetera, Expoweed Chile (in two editions), Vívela fest, Expocultívate, Expogrow and Expoweed Mexico, among others.

It’s going insane at 420!



Sunday 13 – 16,30h

Suka declares herself an unconditional lover of all music in general. Since childhood she had shown great interest in this art, but it was not until the mid-90s that sounds like Electro, House or Techno aroused special interest on her. In early 2000, a friend gave her a turntable and her curiosity about electronics grew until Drum and Bass appeared in her life and stole her heart.

Member of Breakstorm Crew since 2006 and of the Seroto9 Addict collective since 2008, Suka has not been able to settle for a single musical genre and currently offers a wide range of fresh and dynamic sessions that can cover from the Drum and Bass and Breakbeat more elegant even the Ghetto Funk and the funniest Glitch Hop.

Definitely an earthquake to the plates ready to give everithing in each session to offer the public the best of herself.



Domingo 13 – 17,30h

Karlixx is one of the most recognized dj’s / producers within the Spanish junglist scene. It became known in 2004, when the first vinyls of reggae and drum & bass fell into his hands. He began to create an innovative style of Dj, based on the combination of dubwise and neurofunk sounds. He has been a resident for two years in The Bus sessions in Razzmatazz and is currently working as a weekly resident in the legendary Canibal Sound System sessions in the Apollo Hall of Barcelona, his hometown. Their sets are a joy for the ears from the first to the last minute, always loaded with the most danceable rhythms and the most positive messages. Undoubtedly, Karlixx is one of the numbah one deejays in this drum’n’bass and jungle nationwide. Little more we will say of this junglist that has played with the best and in the most important clubs and festivals of the peninsula.

Mixcloud: ​  S
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DJ Rambla

Sunday 13 – 18,30h

Dj Rambla, popular DJ of the Catalan scene with many performance all over the country, resident of well-known venue Mama Mandawa and member of Suruma Sound System.

Dj Rambla has been able to make a spot for himself in the cannabis scene for having a strain with his name. In his record bag he has a great variety of exclusive tracks from important reggae artists (General Levy, Skarra Mucci, Morodo among others) naming Dj Rambla and his beloved plant.

He has also won a Cannabis Cup and usually performs at tradeshows, competitions and Cannabis Clubs.

His sets are always active and fun and he focuses on reggae but showing little hints of Rap, Jungle, Balkan or Electro-Swing among other styles.


Sunday 13 – 19,30h

Like every edition, Spannabis closes its doors with the awards ceremony: Spannabis Awards 2020. A contest where the exhibiting companies have presented their most innovative products, voted by hundreds of professionals during the trade show. Come and find out about the most outstanding and award-winning novelties of the moment!

Contest categories: