11.00h – Ruslana

Ruslana is a Russian DJ and artist based in Barcelona. She began her musical career in 2018 with her partner – 

She is also politically active and activist for the Cannabis Legalization for Podemos Barcelona. 

Specialized in urban music and influenced by Latin rhythms, she will bring us a fresh set to celebrate the XX edition with an unforgettable cannabis party.

12.30h – Musical Sisters

Musical Sisters emerged at the end of 2017, a group of music lovers passionate about vinyl and music. It is a project that had been brewing for some time, as we realized the need to create a group where the role of women would be visible.

In our sessions black music is our main focus, and you can listen to different styles; from the beginnings of Jamaican ska, through our beloved rocksteady, to early dancehall, as well as soul and yeyé sessions, and even latin, such as boogaloo, salsa and cumbia. Right now we are 5 members, and each one of us has a style when it comes to spinning the decks, and specializes in one of the above styles, which gives us more diversity when it comes to our sessions. Stronger together!


14.00h – Tropical Mystic & Marco Sonoro

Multidisciplinary artists in love with Art. With this session they want to offer a sensory and immersive experience, combining Afro Tropical rhythms with a wide percussive set. 

Percussion plays a fundamental role, adding rhythm and a human touch to the music, making people move and not stop dancing. Theye believe that Art is for sharing and they share it with a lot of rhythm and music.

Pure dance, pure enjoyment!

16.30h – Edna Free

Multi-instrumentalist, composer and vocalist of various styles. Most of all SOUL-JAZZ-FUNK-REGGAE & SKA. But we should also add that Edna Free is pure showmanship. In all dimensions. She is always willing to give it all in each concert, alone or accompanied by her band. When she performs alone she always brings her best partner: The “loopstation”, which could be described as a phrase recorder, to which layers can be added, one on top of the other. Or what is the same, a sophisticated machine that creates bases with guitars, basses, saxophones and choirs to which she adds her powerful voice to create a show as original as attractive.

Edna Marie Von Swiontek Brzezinska (that is her full name, which denotes her German origin, with a Polish background, although she has been living in Spain for many years) is clearly born to perform on a stage. Dedicated to music since she was a teenager, she has 3 albums recorded and uploaded to the platforms: “Ednamorada”, “Toda lokura” and (please do not mistake with the well known instrument) “Satisfyer”.

Also the new EP “SOUND SYSTAH” recently released with the artist Jhana Beat with their common project “BLACK FLAMA”.

Besides performing solo, with her “One Woman Band Show”, she is involved in different projects, with the “Edna Free & Banda”, which moves through soul, jazz and funk.

And if that’s not enough, there’s even more: she also plays acoustic guitar & vocal for all kind of concerts, as she has a wide selection of rehearsed songs, both of her own as well as covers.

Of course, Edna Free is much more than a multifaceted artist.

19.00h – Pirat’s Sound Sistema

Pirat’s Sound Sistema is one of the most popular reggae, ragga and dancehall sound systems in Catalonia. Tireless, eccentric and unique, “La Pirata” never rests and after the excellent album ‘Remena’ (2018) and their acclaimed single “Octubre” (2019) as a tribute to the spirit of self-organisation and resistance that was experienced on October 1st 2017 in Catalonia; the band shone again with their recent EP ‘Reggae in Pandemia (R.I.P)’ (2020). These works are always complemented by their incredible live shows, where their essence is undeniable and they spread their message. A perfect mix of party and commitment.



11.00h – La Lvcha

La Lvcha, is a DJ, creative producer and urban chaman. Her music combines folklore, mysticism and vivacity to awaken consciousness and raise vibes. Her goal is to connect hearts and bodies on the dance floor, releasing emotions and blockages to the rhythm of her music. For her, revolution is synonymous with joy, pleasure and connection with humanity through love and music.

12.30h – Djane Karma

Karma is a creator of challenging rhythmic atmospheres that will take you on a trip without leaving the dance floor around the suburbs of the global south. Her sessions sound like South Africa, Angola, Colombia, Brazil, Cape Verde, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Cuba and all their possible diasporas and transformations. An eclectic and vibrant musical adventure connected to the earth and the pulsating sound of the drum.

Her stage experience ranges from small local festivals to film and art events, to large and small events in Barcelona. She has toured Italy, played in Morocco, Senegal and private parties in the Pyrenees.

14.00h – Afrikan Warriors

Afrikan Warriors (Girona 2013) was born with the mission of spreading Rastafari culture through its music. 

With a powerful message of justice and equity and a tribal warrior spiritual style in its music and own productions. The influence is mainly African and mixed with the strong UK steppers style.


16.30h – Mystical HiFi

Mystical HiFi is an outstanding musical unit formed by talented producers and musicians. They have positioned themselves as a unique proposal in the Reggae/Dub music scene in Spain, both for their productions and for the live set.

The productions in Mystical HiFi are the mix of the different experiences of its members, whose music trajectories are very different, resulting in such an explosive combination. Their musical style combines elements of different genres and sub-genres of Reggae with a more electronic contribution, mixing Roots, UK Dub, New Roots, Rub a dub, Ska, Dubstep or Hip Hop sounds, to create a captivating and exciting sound experience. 

Their live performance combines Sound System culture with music production studio techniques. They offer a show based on live mixing with analog processing, which incorporates different instruments, synthesizers, effects and vocals to achieve a show full of energy and emotion.


19.00h – Tetra Hydro K

Far from being limited to the sounds of classic dub, the music of this duo is marked by the distinctive style of “Bass Music”.
True alchemy of analog and acoustic sounds, Tetra Hydro K prepare a subtle mix of skank and bass. These Dub wizards will immerse you in THK fumes and a festive trance.
Tetra Hydro K is the name of a secret laboratory run by Doctor Kanay and Doctor Krilong. Their research focuses on the combination of organic elements (live musical instruments) in an electronic universe.

When specialists studied these mixes, they were scratching their heads trying to define it: Is it electronic? Acoustic? Dub? Drum’n’Bass? Why can’t you stop dancing? Of course, the duo came out of their labs to practice their experiments live, to great acclaim from the audience.

So don’t wait any longer to try some of these sound substances for your ears.


11.00h – Lady Avocado

Colombian from Barranquilla, she drinks from the “picotera” (soundsystem) culture of her hometown, where Latin rhythms merge frequently with African rhythms. She began her musical adventures in the French scene and for years she has been living in Barcelona where she has been playing at Palo Alto Market, Monumental, Hotel Pulitzer, different venues in Barcelona and festivals such as Fira de Tàrrega, Pirineos Sur, Rototom, among others, always with a lot of flavour and creating rumbón.

12.30h – Sharin Skank

Sharin Skank is a music lover based in La Floresta (Barcelona). She likes to embrace different musical styles, focusing especially on very electronic and tribal rhythms, including reggae, stepper, among others.  

Passionate about powerful bases, she shapes in her sessions strong rhythms with a very special message and energy.  She also has some exclusive productions of international singers and producers.

14.00h – LadyFunk

Dj Lady Funk specializes in urban music and has more than 20 years of experience. A fundamental part of the Breaking scene in Spain, she has been a DJ at international events such as: Battle of The Year Ibérica 2003, Break On Stage from 2004 to 2022, Versus in all its editions, Red Bull Bc One Cypher Spain from 2011 to the present. She was also special guest and DJ at the anniversary of The Saxonz in Dresden (Germany) in 2015. She has been headliner at international festivals such as Zaragoza Ciudad, Slap, Mulafest or Pirineos Sur, sharing the bill with artists such as Wu Tang Clan, The Beatnuts, Kool Herc, La Dame Blanche and Osaka Monourail among others. 

She has been nominated for Best DJ at the Premios de la Música Aragonesa 2010 and 2017, and for Best National DJ at the Spanish-speaking website IAM Rap in 2021 and 2022.

15.30h – Dj Louma

Paloma is from Seville and started playing in the raves of the city in 2018, making a name for herself and enriching herself with the first Deep sounds offered by the dj’s in these places.

Later, in 2019 she made her first performance as Dj Louma , in the event “Sex In The Dark Jungle” in Sala Pit Lane.

A few months later she became known and began to play in the best clubs in Seville such as Sala Prisma, Cosmos… and sharing the stage with OTO, Enei, Koven, Dub Elements, among others.

She also had the opportunity to play in festivals like Dub Elements and Friends.

Her sets are very diverse, from the most melodic Liquid, through the coolest Deep and the most frenetic Tech-Step respecting the old essence of Jungle & Neurofunk that will make you enjoy her sets to the fullest.

She currently lives in Barcelona and is gaining national recognition, supporting the culture in provinces such as Badalona, Bilbao and Barcelona among others, without leaving behind her beloved Andalucía.


17.00h – Karlixx

Karlixx is one of the most prominent DJs on the national drum’n’bass and jungle scene. His sets are a real treat for the ears, from the first to the last minute, always full of irresistible rhythms and positive messages.

He stands out for his explosive ability in remixes and mashups, highlighting his ability to extract the best tracks straight to the dancefloor. He cuts beats with elegance and freshness, and handles the crowd with mastery when he takes the stage.

Throughout his years of musical career, he has accumulated a varied and eclectic knowledge from the electronic music world. In his sound, he mixes tempos and genres with great skill without ever losing the emphasis on rhythm. He includes the freshest sounds of the moment, including hip hop, reggae, dub, trap, drum&bass, and any other genre that makes the sub-bass rumble.

His essence is based on the combination of electronic beats with Caribbean flavours, Jamaican sounds and dancehall rhythms, as he has demonstrated in his well-known reggae, raggajungle and dancehall mixtapes.


18.30h – Dj Rambla

Dj Rambla is one of the most popular reggae DJs and related styles of the national scene, also well known within the cannabis culture for his countless performances at fairs, clubs and cups, being a winner in some competitions or even a judge. For over 8 years he was resident DJ of the legendary Mama Mandawa club, he has also performed at national and international festivals and events.

In 2024 he celebrates his 15th anniversary and he has a set prepared for the occasion with all his most popular dubplates, those exclusive tracks of the great singers of the music scene that have been specially dedicated to him and have given him such recognition, many of which also speak of our beloved plant. 

You can’t miss what he has in store, a very exclusive, lively and energetic session. 



19.30h – Spannabis Awards 2024