Networking, as its name suggests, allows you to build a network of contacts that help you generate business opportunities.

Through this system, you can meet and get in touch with professionals in the cannabis sector with your same interests, chat, arrange meetings, as well as share and discuss opinions through multi-chat channels.

Coming soon more information about Networking Spannabis 2024

Here is how it operates and how to use it:

Access will be done through the Spannabis website.

The assistant will create his/her own business card, where he/she will include: Profile picture or logo, company name and position, contact details, industry, interests and language(s) mastered.

Any person registered in the Networking room will be able to consult the other users registered in the same, consult their profile, chat directly or request a 1to1 meeting.

During the Networking session, attendees will be able to discuss, consult and/or share opinions and interests through multi-chat rooms on different topics.

The attendee will have a personal agenda with all the meetings showing their status (accepted, pending or rejected) with the exact day and time of the meeting.

The personal agenda can be downloaded in PDF or printed. The attendee will be able to import his meetings to his electronic agenda with a simple click.

Attendees may send requests to meet with other attendees by sending a private message with the day and time through the “My meetings” module. They will also be able to accept or reject the requests received. The meetings will be by means of an individual videoconference.